Pet Dental Emergencies / After-Hours Care

Is Your Pet Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

Our specialty team is available for emergency and urgent care of all oral & maxillofacial conditions at all our locations during normal business hours (7AM-6PM / Mon-Fri). Please call us at (410) 828-1001 for more information about bringing your pet to one of our locations.

The following are considered pet dental emergencies that should be seen by us immediately for care:

Please call us immediately for advice if you find any of these emergencies. In many cases, our dental staff can accommodate same day treatment of emergency cases. Freshly fractured teeth can also sometimes be saved if treated within 24-48 hours of pulp exposure / fracture.

Call (410) 828-1001 to make an appointment at any of our locations or click below to contact us.

After-Hours Emergency Care

If your pet has an after hours emergency, please contact one of the following pet emergency clinics below. In the case that your pet’s injury involves dental trauma, the emergency providers will provide immediate treatment necessary and then can arrange referral for our services so that we can provide a consult as soon as possible.

pet dental emergencies | Animal Dental Center

Pet+E.R. Emergency & Critical Care

pet dental emergencies | Animal Dental Center

AAVEC - Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic

pet dental emergencies | Animal Dental Center

Pet+E.R. Emergency & Critical Care

pet dental emergencies | Animal Dental Center

AERC - Animal Emergency & Referral Center of York

Our doctors are Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™

The board-certified veterinary dentists at Animal Dental Center have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of your pet’s oral disease and to provide appropriate treatment. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis through radiographs and treatment of periodontal disease and other oral pathology. This treatment, usually combined with at-home daily oral homecare will also help to prevent future oral disease.
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