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Crowns and Restoration
Cage Biter

If a problem with the tooth develops, it is important to maintain its function by restoring the tooth's crown. Whether it is a holding tooth, like the canine fang teeth, or an important chewing tooth, like the premolars and molars, preventing further damage is the key to oral health.

Animals are often abusers of their teeth causing individual teeth to be severely worn or fractured. For example, cage biters (animals like guard dogs or pets who suffer from separation anxiety) often wear down the backs of their teeth. Prior root canal therapy is another possible cause of problems because teeth become more brittle and are prone to wear down further. Using metal crowns not only strengthen the teeth by

distributing the biting forces evenly but also in the case of cage biters, prevents further wear. This is because the metal is harder than the enamel.

3/4 Crown

Animals are often born with teeth that do not have their complete enamel crown. This is either due to Enamel Hypoplasia or a faulty formation of the enamel matrix. As the pet matures this unhealthy or missing enamel chips away further. The underlying dentin, which is made up of living microscopic tubules, takes up the stain of the oral cavity. This causes the tooth to discolor usually turning first yellow then to brown

Enamel Hypoplasia

Where cosmetic considerations are important and pets do not abuse their teeth on hard objects, enamel bonding gives a tooth-like appearance. It prevents further discoloration and chipping of the underlying enamel. It also diminishes the tooth's sensitivity to temperature. However, composite material, unlike metal, does not substantially strengthen the underlying tooth. Radiographs of the root structure should be taken before any abnormal crown is bonded. This will prevent a potentially non-vital tooth from being overlooked.

Cosmetic Enamel Bonding

Gum DiseaseRoot Canal TherapyOral SurgeryOrthodonticsOral Cancer | Crowns | Radiography