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Oral Cancer

The third most common site for animal cancer is the oral cavity. Unfortunately due to its location, most pet owners are alerted to the cancers presence too late. Animals are creatures of instinct; therefore the presence of the cancer will not cause them to stop eating until late in the disease. The cancer can either be benign or malignant. The latter has the capability of either growing aggressively and destroying local tissue or spreading internally to the other organs. Benign cancers usually are very amenable to surgical resection since they have a

tendency to remain local and not spread. Certain types of tumors called Epuli are not true cancers. Although extremely common in dogs, they are infrequent in cats. These usually benign masses stem from the periodontal ligaments and when removed do not usually return. One exception is the Acanthomatous Epulis. This tumor is locally aggressive; however, it can usually be put into remission by removing the underlying bone.

6 months post Surgery
Complex Odontoma in a Cat

Cancers in cats are usually malignant, and the most common is the Squamous Cell Carcinoma which has the tendency to metastasize early making its eradication difficult. There are, however, other malignant tumors that behave differently in the oral cavity than at other sites in the body. For whatever the reason their presence in the flat bones of the jaw seems to assuage their malignant potential. One such tumor is the Osteosarcoma. This tumor can be successfully removed, giving the patient a chance for total remission.

Early detection, whether in humans or animals, is the guiding rule. Those owners that are consistent in caring for their animal's teeth on a daily basis usually will be alerted to the presence of these tumors. The presence of a soft or firm mass anywhere in the mouth, irregardless of color, should be evaluated immediately.

After Surgical Removal

Gum DiseaseRoot Canal TherapyOral SurgeryOrthodontics | Oral Cancer | Crowns | Radiography