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Oral Surgery and Facial Trauma
Often animals sustain injuries to the face and teeth. These can be due to blunt trauma as in the cases of being hit by cars, getting struck with objects thrown to be fetched, and having their muzzles caught in cages. The damage sustained depends on the force of the insult. Both the hard and soft tissues of the face need to be cared for. Often wiring techniques in conjunction with using composite resins and acrylics can be utilized to provide stabilization to fractured facial bones. In the case of lower jaw fractures, additional stabilization measures like tape muzzles can be used.
Fractured Lower Jaw Composite Intra-oral Splint Taped Muzzle
Large Central Cleft Palate

Other conditions that might require oral surgery are developmental or acquired defects. The most common of these are congenital cleft palates and harelips. During the normal formation of the facial bones, the right and left half of the skull develop and fuse together at the midline of the face. When this fusion does not occur, holes develop and there are defects in the oral integrity that normally separate the mouth from the nose. These holes do not allow the animal to swallow its food appropriately. As a result, the pet looses weight and develops

a chronic nasal infection due to food entering its sinuses. As part of surgery to close these large holes flaps that originate from the inside of the lips are created. These flaps are then used to

stretch across the defect and seal off the mouth cavity. As seen in the picture at the right, the flap that originates from the left lip has been used to close the large hole seen above. During the healing process, the animal is allowed to eat only pureed foods and must wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent self induced injury or trauma. Fortunately, the oral cavity, heals very rapidly due to its abundant blood supply.

4 months post Surgery

Gum DiseaseRoot Canal Therapy | Oral Surgery | OrthodonticsOral CancerCrowns | Radiography