ADC Building - OutsideThe Animal Dental Centers facilities offer our patients safe anesthetic procedures with modern state of the art dental instrumentation and equipment. Your pet's safety begins with the taking of a thorough patient history followed by a complete physical exam of all the bodies systems. All prior diagnostic tests on the pet are correlated with potential risk factors of the procedures which they will be undergoing. Diagnostic Blood Work prior to the procedure allows us to check the patient for any abnormalities that can create anesthetic risks so as to allow closer monitoring of these problem areas if they exist.

During the procedures certified technicians and veterinary assistants monitor all patients under anesthesia and during their recovery time. While under anesthesia, your pets receive the following treatment:

Pain management of our patients is an important aspect of our oral treatment protocols. Medications are given to our patients in order to prevent them from experiencing any discomfort on recuperation. The Animal Dental Center uses transdermal pain patches that can deliver medications constantly through the skin thereby reducing the potential for your pet experiencing pain. The combination of technology (state of the art dental materials and equipment) and trained veterinary personel provides for a high level of care for your pet's oral needs.