Advanced Pet Dental Xrays / CT Imaging

Animal Dental Center facilities are equipped with the latest technology in digital pet dental xray equipment. Digital radiography allows us to visualize the internal anatomy of your pet’s teeth along with the roots and surrounding bone. We are able to diagnose bone loss or hidden disease present in the teeth or jaws that may need advanced treatment. Since our veterinary patients will not always cooperate when a radiographic sensor is placed in their mouth, taking dental radiographs requires your cat or dog to be anesthetized. The pet dental xrays are available within  seconds following exposure, reducing the amount of time your dog or cat will be under carefully monitored general anesthesia.

pet dental xrays | Pet Dental Center
pet dental xrays | Pet Dental Center
Digital radiography requires less radiation to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography.

Veterinary Dental Radiography (X-RAYS)

Veterinary dental radiology, or x-ray, is vital for diagnosis, treatment planning, follow-up evaluation, and legal medical record information for a pet’s dental health. Without quality radiographs, the veterinary dentist would be treating pet patients while only guessing at the diagnosis and quality of treatment.

Digital radiography is a form of pet dental xray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Digital radiography requires less radiation to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. Instead of X-ray film, digital radiography uses a digital image capture device so the veterinary dentist has immediate access to the image as well as the ability to use digital measurements or adjust size, contrast, brightness or color.

Intra-oral radiology, as the term states, involves placing the film or digital sensor, into the mouth of the dog or cat for imaging of a particular tooth or segment of jaw. It has the advantage of clarity and definition of the subject since there is no overlap of teeth from the opposite side. Intra-oral radiography is an excellent technique for mandibular and maxillary diagnosis when teeth are involved.

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Computed tomography (CT) is a non-invasive imaging modality that provides state-of-the-art, highly detailed radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning and treatment of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The Animal Dental Center can use CT technology to design accurate treatments for facial trauma, tumor removal, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disease, orthodontic movement and periodontal disease. A CT scan captures anatomically accurate, three dimensional undistorted images while your pet is under anesthesia. This allows our team to provide information for you and treatment for your pet quickly and efficiently in a single procedure.

pet dental xrays | Pet Dental Center
3D reconstruction using advanced CT software pre surgery

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Our doctors are Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™

The board-certified veterinary dentists at Animal Dental Center have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of your pet’s oral disease and to provide appropriate treatment. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis through radiographs and treatment of periodontal disease and other oral pathology. This treatment, usually combined with at-home daily oral homecare will also help to prevent future oral disease.
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