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Veterinary Dental Residency / Externship Opportunities

We are an AVDC Accredited Teaching Facility.

The Animal Dental Center has offered conforming 3-year residency programs for over 20 years. The strength of our clinical case load across all 4 of our specialty clinics provides in- depth training in all disciplines of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. A greater than 95% pass rate on the American Veterinary Dental College board exams serves as a further testament to the structure and clinical intensity of our veterinary dental residency programs.

Benefit from our expert team of multiple Board-Certified Veterinary Dentists™, Associate Doctors (those that have completed their programs), and current residents in different phases of their programs. All of our doctors are gifted teachers and also instruct classes at the world-renown Animal Dental Training Center. 

veterinary dental residency | Animal Dental Center
veterinary dental residency | Animal Dental Center
Learn and grow with our team of dental specialists during our 3-year conforming residency programs

Veterinary Dentistry Residency Program

The Animal Dental Centers of Towson, Annapolis, Columbia, MD and York, PA offer private practice conforming residency in Oral Surgery & Dentistry. Our 3 year programs are offered on a rolling basis and generally commence in July or December of a given year. These conforming residency training programs, upon completion, will lead to credentialing and eventual AVDC Board Certification.

We have 2 residency positions available for a qualified individuals who are passionate about Dentistry and have embraced the need for proper treatment of oral disease in veterinary practice today.

Ready to take your veterinary dental skills to the next level ? Contact us to learn more the exciting professional program pathways ADC offers and speak with our doctors!

Benefit From Our Program

Veterinary Dentistry Externship / Internship Opportunities

For veterinary students in their third and fourth years that have a special interest in oral disease and its treatment, the Animal Dental Center offers 2-3 week Dental Externship programs. Due to limited space availability, we recommend that all students apply early.

As part of our Externship program, students participate on all aspects of dental case management including shadowing our boarded dentists, taking pet histories, and learning about client education through their pet’s presenting problem and recommended treatment options. Our doctors usually perform treatment the same day as the client consult which further reinforces student understanding of concepts involved with the actual medical procedures. It helps in connecting the oral exam visuals with the subsequent under anesthesia evaluation of the oral problem and the initiated therapy.

For those students who anticipate continuing on to specialize in dentistry and oral surgery, it allows them to integrate with our doctor team and often benefits in their subsequent application and selection to our formal residency programs.

veterinary dental residency | Animal Dental Center
Dr. Luskin performing a patient oral exam with student looking on

Thinking about Anesthesia Free Pet Dentistry?

Call (410) 828-1001 to make an appointment at any of our locations or click below to contact us.

Our doctors are Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™

The board-certified veterinary dentists at Animal Dental Center have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of your pet’s oral disease and to provide appropriate treatment. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis through radiographs and treatment of periodontal disease and other oral pathology. This treatment, usually combined with at-home daily oral homecare will also help to prevent future oral disease.
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