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Facial and Oral Surgery

Since oral maladies require a multitude of skill sets necessary to treat the pet’s presenting problems, a Board Certified Veterinary Dentist / Oral Surgeon must be accomplished in all treatment disciplines. Over the three year intensive residency program, our doctors learn how to correct many congenital and developmental oral maladies using facial and oral surgery.

Traumatic jaw fractures often occur in households with many pets. Usually it is an altercation between large and small animals over the food or owner’s attention. These painful injuries, and subsequent inability of the pet to eat, severely weaken them and prevent the normal wound healing. Through proper understanding of oral anatomy and the restoration of an animal’s normal occlusion, our doctors can allow the pet to regain its jaw function and normal feeding.

Oral cancer is a very common presenting problem of our pets. Like in human medicine, early detection and treatment can be curative. Our doctors are surgically skilled to diagnose and treat tumors with oral surgery before they impact the animal’s life. Through advanced CT imaging to detect the extent of cancer spread and exact surgical removal allows the best chances of the pet’s survival. These types of surgeries require often elaborate facial reconstruction to allow enhanced healing and cosmetic appearance.

The Animal Dental Center frequently treats animals with congenital or traumatic cleft palates. Often in facial development, especially in the brachiocephalic breeds, the development of the roof of the mouth is altered and a visible hole connecting the oral cavity with the nasal passage is seen. If uncorrected this leads to chronic nasal disease and altered ability to swallow. Through special techniques our doctors can repair these holes and restore normal function.

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Our doctors are Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™

The board-certified veterinary dentists at Animal Dental Center have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of your pet’s oral disease and to provide appropriate treatment. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis through radiographs and treatment of periodontal disease and other oral pathology. This treatment, usually combined with at-home daily oral homecare will also help to prevent future oral disease.
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