Periodontics (Gingival Surgery)

Periodontics (Gingival Surgery) is the discipline associated with the diagnostic and treatment of disease associated with the 4 supporting structures which hold our pet’s teeth in their mouths. The gingiva, periodontal ligaments, root cementum and bone alveolus are the structures which are severely affected by the accumulation of initially plaque and subsequent calculus formation. The bacteria residing on the calculus, through the release of their toxins, damage all four of these structures. First with the development of gingival pockets and then the subsequent bone destruction cause the teeth to become mobile.

Periodontal treatment first involves deep root planing to clear the calculus on the exposed roots. In order to restore the bone loss advanced techniques like guided tooth regeneration or GTR with bone grafting is necessary. In certain breeds, like Dachshunds, the loss of bone on the inside of the upper canine teeth is fairly common. If left un-diagnosed, this will eventually lead to an oro-nasal fistula which connects the mouth to the nasal cavity and leads to chronic infections of the nose and sinuses.

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The board-certified veterinary dentists at Animal Dental Center have the extensive knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to determine the extent and severity of your pet’s oral disease and to provide appropriate treatment. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a professional dental cleaning, diagnosis through radiographs and treatment of periodontal disease and other oral pathology. This treatment, usually combined with at-home daily oral homecare will also help to prevent future oral disease.
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